Convert from Html To Pdf in your .NET applications with the most powerful library.


html to pdf converter for .net

Easy to use

The MagneticPdf Html to Pdf Library for .NET offers a modern, fast and powerful tool to create complex pdf documents in any .NET application with just a few lines of code.

The library is built for CLR 2.0, and CLR 4.0 and can be used in Windows Azure cloud applications.

.net pdf library

Full Support for HTML5 / CSS3

The MagneticPdf SDK offers full support for modern HTML5 tags, CSS3 styles, SVG, Javascript.

It also supports external and internal links in PDF, bookmarks, HTML in the headers and footers, unicode texts, including right to left and Asian, web fonts and many more.

convert from html to pdf in .net

Create great PDF reports

If you need PDF reports you don't have to use complex report generators anymore. Just create a simple ASP.NET page and export it to PDF with MagneticPdf HtmlToPdf Converter.

With MagneticPdf you can easily convert any web page to pdf, url to pdf, html string to pdf in seconds.



Developer License
$ 550

Licenses 1 developer. Does not include any maintenance.

  • 1 developer
  • any number of applications
  • no support
  • no upgrades
Company License
$ 1,080*

Licenses all developers. Free support and upgrades for 1 year.

  • all company developers
  • any number of applications
  • free support for 1 year
  • free upgrades for 1 year
  • * 10% off for a limited period of time from the official price list of $1,200.
Developer License with Maintenance
$ 750

Licenses 1 developer. Free support and upgrades for 1 year.

  • 1 developer
  • any number of applications
  • free support for 1 year
  • free upgrades for 1 year

We have tried a lot of html to pdf converters. MagneticPdf was the best we could find and the support was absolutely wonderful. "

author Laura Dern-Brown
IT Manager

How to Choose the Right HTML to PDF Converter

There are multiple ways of transforming html to pdf online so how would you know which one to choose? When you conduct your search online, you will discover that there are converters you can download or install and there are those that you can use via the internet. You will also find that there are service providers offering various types of HTML to PDF conversion such as html to pdf for .net. Of course, the more options you have, the more challenging it is to make a final decision so here are some tips on how you can choose the right converter.

  • Research online – Performing research is very important because the process will allow you to learn about the various options available and the differences between those options plus it will help you easily compare them. While doing research, it is also important that you read reviews from review sites, forums and blogs because actual experiences of other people can help you come up with an informed decision.
  • Consider only trusted sites – Whether you are looking for an html to pdf converter or an HTML to PDF conversion service provider, you have to go only to sites that are trustworthy and reputable to avoid spyware, virus and scams.
  • Determine your requirements – It is also important that before you start searching for the right HTML to PDF converter, you should determine your specific requirements to ensure that it is suitable for the HTML documents or files you want converted to PDF.

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